Add Loket API `AbsenceProgress` available as a view

Please make the Loket API Absence Progress data available for routine OData consumption via the lnr ( (REST)) views.

This would help us greatly to calculate the sick leave progress, as the currently available data falls short.

Here is the query that could be used:

select apsprog.* prefix with 'apsprog_'
, epr_id
, epe_id
, aps_id 
from   EmployersByUserId epr 
join   EmployeesByEmployerId( epe 
join   AbsencesByEmployeeId( aps 
join   AbsenceProgressByAbsenceId( apsprog

Deze Loket absence data is vanaf release 20.1.439 te vinden in Invantive Cloud als de view EmployeeAbsenceProgresses.