Flush my Exact Online XML cache

All Invantive products maintain an in-memory cache of previously retrieved data from Exact Online for better user experience and less coffee breaks. Some paid products even have the option to make this cache persistent on disk for use across Exact Online sessions.

The cache consists of two elements:

  • previously through SQL from Exact Online retrieved rows,
  • metadata calculated from the Exact Online xsd.

The use of this cache in general improves performance, but sometimes you want to retrieve the now current results instead of the results of ten minutes or longer ago.

  • For this purpose, we offer several ways to control the cache mechanism. You can:
  • Fully flush the in-memory cache by just logging on another time.
  • Avoid the use of cache at all by issuing the following statement before executing the SQL whose results you don’t want to have placed in cache:
set use-result-cache false
set use-metadata-cache false
  • This also reduces the memory footprint of our applications, especially with constrained environments such as Microsoft Excel 32-bit and numerous add-ons running.
  • You can also flush the contents of the cache completely using:
set resultsetcache empty
set metadatacache empty