How to get nodename in the xmltable function

Hi all,
I am trying to get the parent node name where the selector is located as the result in the columns of the xmltable, when a multiple nodes selection is done (here I am selecting nodes with values TRANSAC_AUTOMATED and TRANSAC_MANUAL.
I’m able to get the description of the node, but not the node name.

select basename(fle.file_path) file_name, xml.*
from   files('C:\Users\myself\Desktop\', '*.xml', false)@os fle
join   read_file_text(fle.file_path, 'ISO-8859-1')@os rfe
join   xmltable
         -- Above we select both TRANSAC_AUTOMATED and TRANSAC_MANUAL
         passing rfe.file_contents
         columns sale_type varchar2 path '../@description'
         ,       sale_type2 varchar2 ??? -- *here to put the node name: TRANSAC_AUTOMATED OR TRANSAC_MANUAL* 
         ,       amount decimal path 'AMOUNT'
         ) xml

The XML looks like this:

<EXPORT xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="blabla.xsd> 
  <REGISTER description="register datas">
    <TRANSAC_AUTOMATED description="automated sales">
      <LINE number="1">
        <AMOUNT description="amount of the Transaction">30.40</AMOUNT>
      <LINE number="2">
        <AMOUNT description="amount of the Transaction">340</AMOUNT>
    <TRANSAC_MANUAL description="Manual sales">
      <LINE number="1">
        <AMOUNT description="amount of the Transaction">35.45</AMOUNT>
      <LINE number="2">
        <AMOUNT description="amount of the Transaction">450</AMOUNT>

It would be something like the following:

select basename(fle.file_path) file_name
, xml.*
from   files('C:\path\', 'file.xml', false)@os fle
join   read_file_text(fle.file_path)@os rfe
join   xmltable
         passing rfe.file_contents
         columns sale_type2 varchar2 path '../local-name()'
         ) xml

However, the local-name() expression does not seem available yet. I will consult co-workers.