Invantive SQL tables for new projects module of Teamleader

Teamleader has added a new projects module to Teamleader focus (see A new project module: "At a certain point, it's easier to tear down the house." | Teamleader).

Teamleader users can now switch to the new projects module, but existing tables will not reflect the new projects. Thanks to new Teamleader APIs the projects are made available.

New Tables for New Projects Module of Teamleader

The following new tables enables retrieval of project information from the new projects module:

  • MaterialByIdV2
  • MaterialsV2
  • ProjectAssigneesV2
  • ProjectByIdV2
  • ProjectCustomersV2
  • ProjectDealsV2
  • ProjectGroupsV2
  • ProjectLinesByProjectIdV2
  • ProjectLinesV2All
  • ProjectOwnersV2
  • ProjectsV2
  • ProjectQuotationsV2
  • TaskByIdV2
  • TasksV2

The following new Teamleader-tables have also been added:

  • CommercialDiscounts
  • CurrencyExchangeRates
  • DocumentTemplates
  • MailTemplates
  • PriceLists
  • UnitsOfMeasure

Missing Functionality

Custom Fields

The Teamleader APIs for the new projects module do not yet support custom fields as of July 26, 2023. Once made available by Teamleader, Invantive will add support for custom project fields to the new projects module tables.


These tables will be added to the Teamleader API data model on:


Teamleader Focus’ new project tables will be available starting release 22.0.705 and 22.1.260-BETA. The tables will also be available on Invantive Cloud within five working days.