Odoo data exchange and integration with Invantive SQL thanks to insert, update, delete and synchronize support

The Invantive SQL-driver for Odoo has been extended to cover all SQL DML-operations:

  • insert
  • update
  • delete
  • synchronize

All Invantive SQL DML-operations are automatically and transparently mapped to external API calls for Odoo on the selected Odoo database.

For example, the following statement updates the name of all Odoo accounts with a code starting with 70000 to the original name plus " (OLD, DO NOT USE)":

update account.account
set    name = name || ' (OLD, DO NOT USE)'
where  code like '70000%'

Thanks to metadata driven approach of Odoo and the recent performance improvements for very large Odoo environments of Invantive SQL, the execution of such statements performs well even in large databases.

The availability of DML-operations on Odoo enables use of Invantive SQL to cost effectively build reliable data exchange and data integration solutions between Odoo and the other approximately 80 (cloud)platforms and external formats covered by Invantive SQL.

Samples on data integration concepts using Invantive’s SQL-extension synchronize are given in:


The SQL driver in release 22.1.155 covers all data types. Only a limited number of Odoo field data types are not available or remain untested in actual test cases:

  • json
  • many2one_reference
  • reference
  • properties
  • properties_definition


DML operations are available starting Invantive SQL BETA 22.1.155.