Unauthenticated email is not accepted due to the sending domain's SPF policy

You may receive the following error when sending mail to the JIRA ticket system at invantive.atlassian.net or sending email to Invantive mail addresses directly:

Unauthenticated email is not accepted due to the sending domain’s SPF policy.

In an effort to protect your data we have a number of security restrictions in place that reduce the chance of a breach. One of these restrictions is rejecting mails when email is sent from an IP-adres or location not listed by the administrator of an email domain (where applicable). This is referred to as a “SPF policy” and it is managed by your email administrator using tools such as entries in DNS.

For example, mail will be rejrected when the SPF policy your organization has set lists that solely email may be sent on behalf of your organization from the IP-address and you send an email from a home office with Internet IP-address

Although technically possible, we can not disable these checks for security reasons.

Please contact your local email administrator to get it resolved. Your administrator may also use technical tools such as an online SPF analyzer to study and resolve the issue.