Wage Changes in Loket.nl

A typical monthly payrolling activity is to validate wage changes against management. This article explains how to establish an overview of wage changes in loket.nl including solely changed wages and contract start and termination.

Execute the following steps to create such an overview:

  • Start Invantive Query Tool.
  • Log on to loket.nl (REST) using your loket.nl credentials.
  • Execute the following two queries:
-- Condensed overview of wage changes, can be caused by:
-- * new contract (recent start date).
-- * closed contract (see end date of employment).
-- * wage change (see differences in gross wage).
create or replace table employmentwages@inmemorystorage
select t.*
,      t.ept_enddate + 1 ept_startDate_next
,      t.wge_enddate + 1 wge_startDate_next
from   employmentwages t

select changed.epr_companyName
,      changed.ept_employee_formattedName
,      changed.ept_startDate
,      changed.ept_endDate
,      changed.ept_employee_dateOfBirth
,      changed.ept_specialIncomeRatio_value
,      changed.wge_startDate
,      changed.wge_endDate
,      changed.wge_grossWageType_value
,      changed.wge_grossWage
,      previous.wge_grossWageType_value
,      previous.wge_grossWage
from   employmentwages@inmemorystorage changed
join   employmentwages@inmemorystorage previous
on     previous.ept_id             = changed.ept_id
and    previous.wge_startDate_next = changed.wge_startdate
where  changed.wge_startDate >= add_months(trunc(sysdate, -1), -3)
by     changed.epr_companyName
,      changed.ept_employee_formattedName
,      changed.ept_startDate
,      changed.wge_startDate
  • Optionally export the results using the Invantive Script “local export results“ statement or the Export button visible above the results.