Adyen connector for Power BI and Invantive SQL

Backlink: ITGEN-2427.
Documentation: API Explorer | Adyen Docs

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For me Adyen is the world leader in online and in-store payments, way better than stripe.
I think Adyen is bigger than stripe in terms on transaction volume: Adyen was around 303 billions € or processed volume last year, with a year to year growth of +30%.

Furthermore Adyen has an integrated terminal payment api since 2019, whereas Stripe is on early release (that they nicely call ‘invite only’)

furthermore stripe is US based whereas Adyen is NL based :slight_smile:

On our side we have integrated in our in-house crm+exploitation software a full link with Adyen api to manage our online payments and terminal payments.
Lot of KPI are produced by Adyen, including lots of different kinds of reports.
We are now working on the financial integration of Adyen into our accounting (Exact online): we have the customer payments, not yet the costs of transactions

If Invantive needs a little help on that, or would like to see or ask questions … you know where I am !


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