Automatic selection of partitions for accountants and large enterprises

Traditionally, the list of selected partitions was reset upon log on to the last used partition in the associated cloud software. However, finance professionals of large enterprises with dozens of companies and accountants managing enterprises such as large retailers with many companies found themselves reconfiguring the selected partitions after every log on.
This will become less of a burden; starting with release 20.0.105 of Invantive Query Tool, Invantive Control for Excel and Invantive Composition for Word the last configured selection of partitions is reconstructed upon log on to a database. For example, in the picture I’ve just logged on to one of our Exact Online test environments with over 200 companies. By default the three companies I previously worked with have been selected with no further actions on my behalf:

The actual selection process of partitions can still use various intersections as configured in the cloud software. For instance, on Exact Online you can select by the administration classifications as well as province or city: