Most popular Autotask tables for 2022

The Invantive drivers make all somewhat usable tables available for Autotask in real-time.

The Autotask tables are available for use in SQL, Power BI Desktop, Power BI Service, Power Query, Azure Data Factory, Qlik, Tableau and other popular packages.

The steps to link Autotask with Power BI can be found in Connect Power BI to Autotask, 180 days free.

A few Autotask tables were the most used over the past year. The table below shows which Autotask tables are the most popular and will help you selecting tables.

Position Table name Description
1 TimeEntries Timesheets
2 Tickets Tickets
3 BillingItems Billing items
4 ContractServiceUnits Contract service units
5 Invoices Invoices
6 Tasks Tasks
7 TicketCharges Ticket charges
8 ContractCharges Contract charges
9 Companies Companies
10 ServiceLevelAgreementResults Service level agreements