Service account is failing to collect data and to connect to ODATA, But it worked with super account (Failed to create odata connection to RequestUrl. A task was canceled data factory)

I tried to change the URL for OData exact premium in Azure Data Factory. Once i have done that, it kept asking me to login before i save the new changes. I did login with my service account and it kept giving me an error of (“Failed to create odata connection to RequestUrl. A task was canceled data factory”/“Error 200 no authorization”), additionally it would not display any paths and when i logged into Odata to check the URL and if i can download data from there, that was a success, the data exists.

So within Data Factory i changed the criedentials from the Service account to the Super account and it logged me in automatically and was able to collect data via data factory.

My question is, why is the Service account not working anymore, as it used to work perfectly before i tried to change the URL to exact premium?

Thanks for your time !!!

We seem unable to grasp what the question and reproduction scenario is.

Can you provide a step-by-step sample with (anonymized) pictures?

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