Simplicate table can not be loaded to power BI service

I have a problem. I use Simplicate as source, and PowerBI service as a destination.

In Simplicate there is a table Simplicate.Timeline.TimelineLinkedMessages@spe which can not be loaded to Power BI service datamart.

By default I use filters in datamart, and the filter criteria is folded to the server side. The filters are mostly dates for retreiving only the data of last days example:

([created] >= "2023-10-01")

For this table, the filter can not be folded, and after a while Invantive starts to download the whole table. With more than 100.000 records it is not feasible.

Here is an example from Bridge Online Monitoring:

  • Table Name Simplicate.Timeline.TimelineLinkedMessages
  • SQL-statement
select t.* from Simplicate.Timeline.TimelineLinkedMessages@spe t where ([created] >= :w1) limit 100
  • Parameter Values
w1 = 2023-11-25 (string)
  • From Cache (3,600 sec)
  • Cache Only
  • Rows 0
  • Total Duration (ms) 89,043
  • Processing Duration (ms) 89,043

The process stops at “start yielding data”, and after a while a new download starts without a filter applied.

Does anyone have idea what can be the reason of it, and what is the solution? I can provide more details on request.

The reason for a new download starting without a filter applied is probably something from the dataset definitions. Invantive Bridge Online does not itself trigger new downloads.

Given the query:

select t.*
from   Simplicate.Timeline.TimelineLinkedMessages@spe t 
where  ([created] >= :w1) 
limit  100

the filter is being included. Depending on the platform connected to and it’s capabilities, this filter can be forwarded to the platform (“server-side filtering”).

The actual call being made can be found in the view SessionIOs@DataDictionary after running and canceling the query on Simplicate before. See also What API calls did Invantive SQL actually perform?.

It is recommended to check that data dictionary view for the actual behaviour.

Probably based upon the text of the comment, created is not included in the filters sent to the Simplicate API-server.

In that case it is recommended to check whether there are any other filter criteria that are server-side filterable, and return a subset neede, encompassing all the data using the filter on created.

Please make sure that (specifically for Simplicate) the dates are specified as text (see Limit Data load from Simplicate on Invantive Cloud to Azure Data Factory - 6 van forums).

In case assistance is needed, it is recommended to use a short consult to get assistance.

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