Twinfield: Missing CustomerAddress rows

I use Twinfield in Power BI and use Invantive for this since a short time. My problem is I cannot relate the CustomerAddress to the Customer, and I miss some Addresses.

There are three things I do not understand in relation to CustomerAddress.

  1. When I look in Twinfield I see X active customers (there are also exactly X ‘debiteuren’), but when I look in the table Dimensions.CustomerAddresses there are X-8 customers. So I miss a few customers.

  2. In Dimensions.CustomerAddresses there are a lot of rows with NAME that are blank (almost half of the rows). I checked a few in Twinfield, and there these few all have a customer name.

  3. All rows have an ID of 1. That seems weird in a column called ID. Is this a bug? Maybe related: In CustomerTransactions.FIN_TRS_LINE_DIM2 I see a number what in Twinfield is the customer-id (and the FIN_TRS_LINE_DIM2NAME is the customer-name in Twinfield). But I do not see this customer-id in Dimensions.CustomerAddresses, while I do expect it to be there.

Does anyone have the same problems and/or a solution how to get an address to all customers?

The following queries might help:

select *
from   CreditorDimensionValues

select *
from   DebtorDimensionValues

for the values of creditor and debtor used as dimension. Do these contain the expected values?

If not, please include (anonymized) full screenshot of Twinfield for the party searched for.

For Dimensions.Customers and Dimensions.Suppliers with an empty name, please check whether it is a template. The CustomerAddresses contains the address name, but not the column BEHAVIOUR nor the customer name. A next release will contain additional field values from the master customer.

If it is a template, please consult your local Twinfield administrator for further guidance.

The value 1 of the address ID is what the Twinfield API returns. Twinfield documentation is in general neither especially strong nor updated in the last 10 years, so the exact meaning and contents of Twinfield APIs are typically unclear.

Thank you for the fast reply! I see all the customer_codes in DebtorDimensionValues (but there are no addresses there of course).

With regard to the added fields in CustomerAddresses: thanks for adding CUSTOMER_CODE!

I do not understand the remark about the template. Where can I find (in Power BI or in Twinfield) if a customer/address is a template?

The column behaviour can contain the value template.

A bug was found in a number of tables below the Dimension schema which explains largely the difference between Dimensions.Customers and DebtorDimensionValues. The data is retrieved but in an inner loop by accident a pointer was advanced without loading data. Depending on the absence/presence of whitespace characters, rows would be skipped.

In release 22.0.483 a fix will be included. This release will be made available for download in the course of the next 7 days. It will be implemented solely on App Online for the moment. The fix will go live by January 15 on Invantive Bridge Online and Invantive Cloud.

Please note that the list of customer codes between DebtorDimensionValues and Dimensions.Customers will still be different. Some customers seem hidden and some are templates.

Thanks for the reply and fixing the bug. When the new version is online at App Online I’ll do a retry and see if I can find all the expected (not-template) CODEs.

The new release with Twinfield improvements has been taken into production on Invantive App Online.

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