Automatic vertical expand of rows in output of `excel` package

There is currently an option to automatically horizontally expand rows in the output of the excel PSQL package of Invantive.

However, sometimes the default vertical size also is wrong. For instance, when filling Excel cells with multi-line text like:


In that case only a is visible when opening the spreadsheet.

It would be handy to be able to automatically vertically expand the rows before export to Excel.

Workaround is to select all cells in Excel and then double click on the row separator to have Excel to expand them automatically, but that tends to be forgotten and requires each time a manual action.

Workaround for now is to manually split the long text into separate rows using a query with csvtable:

select line_with_text
from   csvtable
       ( passing 'line 1' || chr(13) || 'line 2' || chr(13) || 'line 3'
         row delimiter chr(13)
         column delimiter '###shouldneveroccur###'
         columns line_with_text varchar2 position next

which generates output:


that should translate more easily into a usable Excel sheet. For more information on csvtable see Invantive SQL Grammar v22.1.