Count of API calls monitor

Please add the functionallity to se the number of API calls made from Invantive Cloud to Exact online per day per database.

There is already functionality integrated for this in Invantive Cloud. It gathers near real-time all online and on-premises API calls in detail level. This can be consulted for the last day in the form “Session I/Os”.

For more information please consult Optimalisatie API calls zoals met Exact Online

In case some functionality is lacking please fine tune this idea.

In my account, the “Session I/Os” section is completely empty. And we run an import regularly.

The topic was moved from “Ideas” to “Questions” to better reflect the content.

Please note that Session I/Os only displays individual API-calls starting 0:00 UTC of the current day. Older I/Os are aggregated in groups. These can be found for instance through the form Monthly Aggregated Session I/Os. This form is reachable through the Diagnostics menu.

Please note that due to data volume the Monthly Aggregated Session I/OS is very slow. Refresh a number of times when the data does not come up within 3 minutes.

Best way is to re-run the downloads on the current day and use the Session I/Os form.