Data Hub Stopped Working due to itgenuty690 and itgenlic252

Data Hub stopped working yesterday. Have tried both v20 and the previous version but I guess it’s a problem affecting both.

What kind of message and/or message code do you see?

What is your precise version currently?

The message is:

itgenuty690: A license issue occurred when running in headless mode. Please restart the application in interactive mode to correct the problem.
itgenlic252: The application ‘Invantive Data Hub’ will be closed. A valid license key is missing.

The current license key was found to have a problem. The precise cause is available through trace, but more conveniently in System Messages on Invantive Cloud.

Normally, Invantive Data Hub would offer the option to correct the license right away. However, probably Invantive Data Hub is running non-interactive by setting the command-line option interactive to false:

interactive (i): allows interaction with a user behind the console when “true”, such as on errors. Otherwise disallow interaction. Default is “true”.

Recommended approach is to either temporarily switch from non-interactive to interactive in the batch file and then re-run and correct license key.

Or start Invantive Data Hub from the Windows Start-menu or command prompt (Linux, MacOS).

Temporarily disabling the non-interactive mode in the batch file is probably best, since a single Data Hub installation can run with many configurations, controlled by the value of the environment variable INVANTIVE_CONFIGURATION_FOLDER such as:


Alternatively, the license key can be supplied directly and hard-coded to the Invantive Data Hub executable using the command-line option licensekey as in:

... /interactive:false /licensekey:averylonglicensekeypreferrablyusinganenvironmentvariable

Please note that when running with Exact Online, as of August 2021, we strongly recommend to uninstall the 20.0 release and switch to at least 20.1.526:

The message is now:

A connection to the database ‘CT\EOL-gb-SQL-Server’ could not be established as user ‘’. (
invalid_grant: The data container with alias ‘eol’ could not be opened on provider ‘ExactOnlineAll’. (
Please carefully read the complete error message.
invalid_grant: Token is not allowed, because of invalid or empty chainId (
The provided authorization grant (e.g., authorization code, resource owner credentials) or refresh token is invalid, expired, revoked, does not match the redirection URI used in the authorization request, or was issued to another client.
The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.

How can we fix the Token is not allowed, because of invalid or empty chainId?

This is identical to Incidentele foutmelding "Token is not allowed, because of invalid or empty chainId" op Exact Online (Dutch).

Please follow the steps on Circumvent two-step verification and refresh tokens on Exact Online using Data Hub.

Given the limitations in deployment scenarios on refresh tokens you might want to use the Implicit Grant Flow for the time being.

Please remember to upgrade to at least Invantive Data Hub 20.1.529 from: