Declarative specification of data warehouses with Invantive Studio

HARDERWIJK (NL) - Declarative specification of data warehouses and version management in the repository is now possible thanks to Invantive Studio, developed by Invantive in Harderwijk

Invantive Studio is a software development environment for modeling and developing high-quality company software and custom applications. The model-driven development environment makes it possible for you to develop and implement customized software solutions within your company rules. It is also possible now to declaratively specify data warehouses and to apply version management to the storage of data.

Invantive Studio has been developed especially for creating custom design, development, tests and implementation processes for company software and applications. With Invantive Studio is it possible to create high-quality customized company software and applications for projects, business processes (ERP) and client relation systems (CRM). It offers real time access to data warehouses.