Generate output from Invantive PSQL using Oracle-style dbms_output

The new release of Invantive Cloud includes dbms_output compatibility for output generation. Similar to the dbms_trace package for logging to trace, the dbms_output package of Invantive PSQL is a package to log lines of text.

For example, the following Invantive code generates ten lines of text output:

  l_txt varchar2;
  for i in 1..10
    l_txt := 'Sample #' || to_char(i);
  end loop;

Invantive’s dbms_output package is largely compatible with Oracle dbms_output. Some essential deviating features between dbms_output on Oracle and Invantive are:

  • unlimited: output buffer size only limited by available memory,
  • always active: no need to separately enable output capture after connection start, and
  • always up-to-date: real-time streaming to output locations available on most platforms.

Please note that the dbms_trace package shares these characteristics, but real-time logs to the trace log. The trace log is in general only available through the file system, AWS CloudWatch or tools that capture Windows trace log such as dbgview.

dbms_output is available starting release 20.1.333 with Invantive Cloud and on-premise products:

Query Tool dbms_output