Packages and functions visible on SQL editors

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Invantive’s UniversalSQL revolutionizes the way finance professionals handle data with its advanced execution capabilities for pre-packaged logic, including functions, procedures, and comprehensive packages. For example, effortlessly output a friendly greeting with a simple block of code:

  dbms_output.put_line('Hello world!');

Packages are expertly curated by Invantive and are readily available at various levels. The dbms_output package, for instance, is universally accessible across all databases, while specialized packages like odoo are uniquely tailored for specific data containers like Odoo.

Functions and procedures, crafted and refined by our user community, enable you to execute intricate logic effortlessly with just a single command. Each is composed of a definition paired with a PSQL block, mirroring the structure found in Invantive Cloud Applications.

With the advent of release 24.0.19, navigating through the plethora of available packages, procedures, and functions has never been easier.

On Invantive Cloud, discover packages at the bottom of the data container list (highlighted as red 1 in the image) and explore data container-specific packages directly alongside their respective containers (marked as red 2):

For those utilizing our on-premises offerings, like the Invantive Query Tool, packages are similarly displayed, ensuring a seamless experience across platforms:


Please note, the cloud_http package is exclusively available on Invantive Cloud, designed specifically for cloud-based operations.

To use a procedure or function, simply double-click on your choice. Sample code will then be auto-inserted at your cursor’s location, streamlining your workflow. Examples include:

  odoo.update_translations(:model_name, :field_name, :id, :value_ar_001, :value_da_dk, ...);


  dbms_output.put_line(:txt, :channel);

This streamlined approach not only enhances productivity but also empowers finance professionals to leverage complex logic and data manipulation with unprecedented ease, directly catering to the needs of financial analytics and reporting.