Historical Teamleader phase transitions for deals

The new release of Invantive Cloud and next BETA releases of Invantive SQL bundled with Query Tool and other products will include the view DealPhaseHistories.

The view DealPhaseHistories provides for each deal the transitions between deal phases and the user whom made the transition. The name of the new phase of the deal is included as the column deal_phase_name.

The duration between transitions and persons involved are typically involved in optimizing the sales funnel. The historical transitions through deal phases can be accessed using a query like:

select *
from   DealPhaseHistories

or using the actual SQL from the view as starting point for optimizing the query:

select phe.Name
       label '{res:itgen_teamleader_deal_phase_name}'
,      p.*
from   Teamleader.V2.Deals l
join   Teamleader.V2.DealPhaseHistoryByDealId(l.id) p
join   Teamleader.V2.DealPhases phe
on     phe.id = p.phase_id

The output will resemble: