HTTP 500 on log in using Danish page

When navigating to the Invantive Cloud login page, I get a HTTP 500 error:

Denne side virker ikke kan i ojeblikket ikke behandle denne anmodning.

(Time of occurrence: around August 8, 14:22 CET)

How can I log in?

There seems to be a problem with an external component. We have made some improvements in the handling of the exception involved. This should solve the problem you are facing. If it doesn’t, we also have added some logging to make sure we understand the problem and are able to fix it.

Can you let me know if you still experience the same problem?

Problem is different now - but not solved. I can access the login screen now, but when clicking “Log ind”, the page just returns to the login screen again. So it is a circular experience, and I can not log in.

I am very sorry it still isn’t working. At least we now have some decent logging in place here, so we can diagnose the issue and fix it. We will report back shortly.