I'm missing an entity in my Excel-Exact Online matching

While syncing excel with Exact Online using Invantive I’m missing one of my entities (it does work for my collegeau’s though) and can’t seem to find the difference in settings.

So, how would you add an entity to a report.

Some questions to establish what the problem is.

Question: what do you mean by “missing”?

Question: what type of report functionality?

Question: do you mean a legal entity (Exact Online company)?

If not: what is meant by “entity”?

If so: how did you establish that an entity is missing compared to your co-worker? When possible, please include an (anonymized) screenshot.

If so: is the legal entity visible in the pie-chart menu that allows you to select the companies that can be used in formulas and SQL?

If so: please try to log on to Exact Online in Excel as your co-worker on your device. Does the legal entity now display?

Thank you for your replies but the issue seems resolved.