Improved 5x Performance on Exact Online High Volume Tables

The June 26, 2020 release of Invantive Cloud and Invantive Bridge Online includes a number of performance improvements for large Exact Online environments with:

  • Items
  • Transaction Lines
  • General Ledger Accounts
  • Document Attachments
  • General Ledger Account Classifications
  • Sales Item Prices

Queries on large sets of the new tables typically run 5-10 times faster than on the Bulk tables. The performance improvements hold both for low and high numbers of Exact Online companies, further improving scalability of Invantive Cloud across the 1.000 company border.

To achieve the performance increase, please replace - after testing - the tables as follows:

  • Change ItemsBulk to ItemsIncremental.
  • Change TransactionLinesBulk to TransactionLinesIncremental.
  • Change GLAccountsBulk to GLAccountsIncremental.
  • Change DocumentAttachmentsBulk to DocumentAttachmentsInternal.
  • Change GLClassifications to GLClassificationsIncremental.
  • Change SalesItemPrices to SalesItemPricesIncremental.

The new tables will not become available on the 20.0 and 17.32 release.