Itgenfpr117 More than 30.000 Freshdesk tickets queried

When retrieving all tickets using Tickets, you may run into the error:

invalid_value: page: You cannot access tickets beyond the 300th page.
Please provide a smaller page number.

This can occur when all tickets since 1970 are retrieved, which may be more than 30.000 tickets. Freshdesk does not allow that.

An alternative is to retrieve all recent tickets by creating a custom database view for recent tickets by placing the following in the startup SQL on the Invantive Cloud database:

create or replace view LessTickets
select *
from Tickets(updated_since => add_months(trunc(sysdateutc, -1), -3))

This will make a view LessTickets@DataDictionary visible that includes all tickets from three months before the start of the current month. In general, this will be less than 30.000 tickets.

An alternative approach using an auto-generated filter on updated_at is registered as an idea.