Itgenlic399 or itgenlic501 Freemium products allow retrieval of at most 20.000 rows per session

A number of free products also offer limited free use of Invantive SQL, such as:

  • Invantive Query Tool
  • Online SQL Editor
  • Invantive Data Loader

When these products are used with SQL Server, Oracle and other traditional, or with Open Data sources there are no restrictions. However, restrictions apply when you Invantive SQL with a non-Open Data source like Salesforce, Teamleader or Exact Online. The most essential restrictions are:

  • no grouping functions;
  • many advanced SQL functions are unavailable;
  • no joins;
  • starting release 17.32: retrieval of at most 20.000 rows per session.
  • up to release 17.32: retrieval of at most 1.000 rows per query.

Simple SQL statements like

select *
from   transactionlinesbulk
limit  20000

on Exact Online will work fine and the results can be exported.

The unavailability of advanced SQL capabilities will be reported when a SQL statement is executed that uses them.

When the row count limit is exceeded, an itgenlic399 or itgenlic501 error will be raised. You will have to re-run the program to continue use.

You can limit the number of rows processed by individual statements by adding a ‘limit’ clause to your SQL statements as shown above.