Invantive's free SQL Query tool for optimization of your reporting activities

Software company Invantive B.V. from Harderwijk (NL) offers a free SQL Query Tool. This software solution offers the possibility to request information from your databases.

Query possibilities

Invantive’s free SQL Query Tool makes it possible to request specific information about company processes, inventory, project planning or hour registration using SQL and PL/SQL. The user gives the database a SQL task. SQL will then present the right data. With the specific information analysis becomes really easy and makes it possible to make clear reports for delivery to the management.

With the SQL Query tool it is possible to collate, combine and group data. It can add up numbers and calculate the average of a series of numbers. It does not matter where the data have been stored: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Teradata, IBM DB2/UDB or somewhere else.

Easy reporting

A large advantage for organizations is that data can easily be shared in a report in PDF, SQL, Excel or XPS format. The handy functions make Invantive’s free Query tool the best software available for retrieving facts from your corporate systems.

Free download

Download Invantive’s free SQL tool.

About Invantive B.V.

Apart from this free SQL Query tool, Invantive has been delivering software solutions for companies working on a project basis since 1992. Invantive’s software solutions have been created for companies working in real estate, finance, banking, landscaping, technology and IT. The experience and knowledge of the company allow Invantive to optimize complex business processes.