Manage databases more efficiently with the Invantive Query Tool

Manage various databases with the Invantive Query Tool

After the successful completion and implementation of the new software release 2012 r1 the time has come. The changes to the Invantive Query Tool are now online. With this release Invantive offers even more grip and control on several databases.

Advantages Invantive Query Tool

With the Query Tool Invantive offers database administrators the following advantages:

  • Manage Oracle databases remotely via a web service.
  • Easily perform queries and filter or group the results which are displayed on the screen.
  • Export data to Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft XPS.
  • Reduced times used for analysis and faster development of business intelligence reports.

Changes Invantive Query Tool

Invantive Query Tool release 2012 r1 presentation (Dutch)