Itgenobr108 on connection to Exact Online

When connecting to SQL Server and Exact Online from Data Hub 20.2.54 we are getting the following error:

2024-02-01 05:00:39.428 Error itgencun016: Error itgenobr108: A connection to the database ACME\EOL-gb-SQL-Server could not be established.
Logging in has failed. Please check your username and password. After 5 failed attempts your user account will be blocked at least for 5 minutes.
2024-02-01 05:00:41.447 Error itgenobr108: Invantive.Basics.InvantiveSqlException

How can we solve this?

See also Itgenobr019 on use of headless OAuth on Exact Online.

First step is to install an upgrade of Data Hub using the multi-platform edition as documented in Switching from Windows to multi-platform variant of Data Hub.

It is strongly recommended to use release 24.0, since 20.2.54 was not known to work still with Exact Online.

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