Itgenoam005 error: Client with identifier '...' not found during log on to Exact Online from Query Tool

Error itgenoam005 with Exact Online

During log on to Exact Online from Windows-based products such as pre-20.2.56 versions of Invantive Query Tool or Invantive Data Loader you may receive an error:

Unknown error message text from OAuth log on window:
Client with identifier ‘7e447f90-f2d2-49d1-b61e-da49e234d9d2’ not found.

Invantive Query Tool and other Invantive products for Exact Online no longer bundle pre-registered apps on Exact Online, just like already on Invantive Data Hub.

Resolve itgenoam005: Client with identifier … not found

For a more correct error, please upgrade to the current release of the product from

After that, please register a custom client ID as described on Register Exact Online app for use with Invantive Control for Excel.