Itgenoda222 A connection could not be established

Upon log on I am getting the following error:

A connection to the database ‘Exact Online\Exact Online (uk)’ could not be established as user ‘…’
Use of the code grant flow with a refresh token requires presence of a client secret.
Please specify the client secret to identify the application.

How can I log on?

To log on, please either specify the value for ‘Client Secret’ in the log on window, or remove the values in the log on window for ‘OAuth Refresh Token’. To reduce number of manual log ons, it is best to fill in the client secret:

For more information, please see Register Exact Online app for use with Invantive Control for Excel.

I am sorry - I do not understand the fix? I do not know what the ‘OAuth Client Secret’ is so cannot fill this in. The Database is set to UK which is correct.

Please advise how I can get into my reports ?

I can now get into my reports OK.