Register Exact Online app for use with Invantive Control for Excel

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After using a trial license it is necessary to register and use an Exact Online app to connect to Exact Online from Excel. These steps are also necessary to avoid an itgenexl053 and/or itgenexl001 error during log on.

Do you also want to register an app for use with Power BI/Invantive Cloud? Then also register an app as described in Register Exact Online app for use with Invantive Cloud.

These steps are also applicable for other on-premises products such as Invantive Query Tool, Invantive Data Hub and Invantive Data Replicator.

Perform the following steps to register an Exact Online app:

App Registration

The Manage Subscription privileges within Exact Online were only required for the registration of the Exact Online app. Any user - with or without privileges on Manage Subscription - can use the registered app.

Now start Invantive Control for Excel or for example the Invantive Query Tool.

Enter the client ID and redirect URI in the red marked fields:

Sign up and use continue to work as before.