Register Exact Online app for use with Invantive Control for Excel

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After using a trial license it is necessary to register and use an Exact Online app to connect to Exact Online from Excel.

Do you also want to register an app for use with Power BI/Invantive Cloud? Then also register an app as described in Register Exact Online app for use with Invantive Cloud.

These steps are also applicable for other on-premises products such as Invantive Query Tool, Invantive Data Hub and Invantive Data Replicator.

Perform the following steps to register an Exact Online app:

The Manage Subscription privileges within Exact Online were only required for the registration of the Exact Online app. Any user - with or without privileges on Manage Subscription - can use the registered app.

Now start Invantive Control for Excel or for example the Invantive Query Tool.

Enter the client ID and redirect URI in the red marked fields:

Sign up and use continue to work as before.