Itgenexl053 A connection to the database Exact Online could not be established as user

When logging on to Exact Online UK, I receive the following error (see picture):

A connection to the database Exact Online\Exact Online (uk) could not be established as user …
The application ‘Invantive Control for Excel’ can only be used with your own client ID in combination with a production license key on top-level domain ‘uk’.
Please configure api-client-id in your connection string to include your own client ID.
Also include api-redirect-url with the desired redirect URL.
Or switch to a trial, freemium, unpaid or Public Data license key.

How can I log on again?

Due to a different partner model between Invantive and Exact Online some changes are necessary. The steps are described on Register Exact Online app for use with Invantive Control for Excel.

When these steps have been completed, please enter under “Advanced” the client ID, redirect URL and optionally client secret.

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