Itgenrst004: The type of actual data must match / QueryTool 20.1.537 / Boolean datatype expressed as int64 from ODBC connector

Good afternoon,
running Query Tool Beta 20.1.537

After making a ODBC connection with AES(Sybase) server, I am in front of very dirty data set that QueryTool won’t let pass because of the real data Data Type not following the table column data type.

Error itgenrst004 on ODBC

For example a Bigint is specified in the source data type but we find text in the real data:

In this case I don’t have hands on the source database, it is in production with a software, so I can not change the datatype from the source.

Is there any way to tell Query Tool to skip the original datatype from the source database and change it to the one I need?

Thanks for your advise.

The value ONWAAR is probably a representation of a boolean stored as a number 0.

“Voorraad” is Dutch for “stock”.

What is the datatype shown in the user interface: a numeric value or a boolean (checkbox)?

sorry for my bad Dutch…
it seems a boolean

after more digging it seems that all table that contains datatype boolean are not correctly handled by QueryTool via ODBC… is that possible ?

Good afternoon,
I made more tests today, the issue is now clearly identified :
for any source table that I access trough ODBC (Advantage ODBC 9.0 32 bit connector) that contains a column with datatype Boolean, QueryTool shows it as bigint (int64)

I am with Querytool 20.1.537 converted to 32 bits executable.

Let me know I you want me to run other tests (like with another version ?)


Leveraging other work, I made again a test with PROD 20.2.14 converted to 32-bits.

The same issue occurs.