Itgenrst046: Aroutstandingitemsex@eol date UTC data type issue

since upgrade from 20.2.71-PROD+2191 to 20.2.200-PROD+2294 today, I noticed an issue with


doing a simple select * from aroutstandingitemsex@eol will say:

INVOICEDATE (DateTime/datetime): 08/31/2021 00:00:00, CURRENCY_CODE_ATTR (String/string): EUR, DESCRIPTION (String/string): To...string): {d07c7a82-c5f...-02c2d0785eea}, OUTSTANDINGITEMS_AR_ACCOUNT_NAME (String/string): **** (Int32/int32): 1

DUEDATE is also involved:

The column ‘INVOICEDATE’ in ‘’ contains a timestamp with a different timezone than UTC.
Ensure that the timestamp is UTC-based.

Same issue when browsing the container in the available objects tab.

It seems there is a datatype issue between Exact Online and Invantive.

Thanks for reporting the problem. The internal consistency check itgenrst046 should not be active on deployed versions. We will check the problem and report back.

For now, the check can be disabled by setting either the environment variable INVANTIVE_CHECK_ALL to false or specifically INVANTIVE_CHECK_ITGENRST046 to false.

A solution is available as version 20.2.205 from Invantive Query Tool 22.0.140 | Release Notes.

Good morning, I confirm that 20.2.205 resolves the itgenrst046 issue.
thanks to the team for having reacted so quickly (as always…)

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