Itgensql160 Row length 127 doesn't equal the field count 64 on row #0. Type 'FirehoseResultSet'

An error can occur:

Row length 127 doesn’t equal the field count 64 on row #0. Type ‘FirehoseResultSet’.

when running a query such as:

select *
from   table@datacontainer
limit 100

It can occur when the metadata of the table has changed between logging on to the database, first use and later use retrieving or uploading data. For instance, when you drop the table on Oracle and re-create it with columns different in type, name or number of, the itgensql160 error should occur.

Invantive SQL assumes that the metadata is stable for the duration of a session. On some platforms, like Teamleader or AFAS Profit, the metadata will be cached aggressively so it can take even hours for new custom fields or GetConnectors to show up.

Solution itgensql160

In most scenarios the itgensql160 can be fixed by logging on again to the virtual database. The metadata will be reloaded then.

An idea is registered to reduce the impact of this somewhat confusing error.