Itgenuuy045: The email address '...' is already assigned to another identity

On sign up to Invantive Cloud, you may receive an error similar to:

itgenuuy045: The email address ‘…’ is already associated with another Invantive Cloud identity.
Please contact Invantive Support to have the identity and email address re-associated.

The solution is to contact Invantive Support to have the issue resolved. We are unwilling to resolve the issue automatically due to security concerns requiring more validation.

How it works

Invantive Cloud manages and transports large volumes of essential business data from dozens of platforms such as AFAS Profit, Exact Online and Teamleader. Since this business data typically includes data on physical persons going through a cloud platform, Invantive Cloud makes an effort to meet and exceed industry standards and compliance regulations.

Part of these effort is distributed and protected storage of security credentials for Invantive Cloud users. Both a unique ID (a hexadecimal number) and the log on code are involved in this process.

When a user is removed after a long period of inactivity, the association is broken. When a user signs up again after a longer period, the system detects an anomaly and reports this error.

How it is resolved

The error reported automatically creates a ticket with for the Invantive back office. Typically within one working day, the back office will reach out to contact the user and resolve the issue.

You can also yourself contact Invantive Support to speed up the process.