Method of receiving information from Odoo

Are you using ERM method or just using some queries to the database directly ?

The Invantive SQL-driver for Odoo - as well as all other drivers for Invantive UniversalSQL - only uses public available APIs.

In case of Odoo, this means HTTP-calls to jsonrpc.

The actual calls can be found as described for instance in:

Thanks for your response.

Could you please verify if you receive the exact same info than me ? (see image)

It is impossible to tell so; Invantive staff has no access to the data.

It is recommended to use the tips on What API calls did Invantive UniversalSQL actually perform? to validate yourself.

As an alternative, a short consult can be used to get assistance from a consultant through the chat (time charged is per started 15 minutes).

I already tried to have an assistance through the chat but the guy didn’t want to help me and directly indicated me to put a topic in the forum…

That is correct. The assistance on chat is not based on consulting and only covers the subscription elements. For product-related questions, these forums are the right channel as a first step. In some cases second or third line support might be involved, but there is no reason for that here, since there is no bug identified so far.

There is a reason here because we have an issue in the reception of data… SO please make the necessary to try at least to investigate or help a bit

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. After a thorough review, we’ve determined that your concern falls outside the scope of our subscription terms. Despite our best efforts to accommodate your request through extended courtesy, we are unable to provide further support in this instance. We recommend reviewing our documentation shown above or considering a consulting service for more tailored assistance. We appreciate your understanding.

Thank you for your message but we still have issue within Invantive.
Is Invantive really be developped for Odoo use ?

Yes, Invantive UniversalSQL is frequently used with Odoo for both reading and writing. It is one of the most extensive drivers.

As an alternative, you can schedule a short consult for assistance. This consult is charged per 15 minutes or part thereof. In case your problem is due to a bug in the Invantive UniversalSQL-driver for Odoo, the consult will not be invoiced.