Press Release: IGG and Invantive join forces for development BIMCalc; for a quick cost price estimate in Autodesk Revit

IGG, a specialist in the field of key figures for construction and earthworks, roads and waterways (GWW) and Invantive; the specialist in the field of automation for real estate have found each other. As a result, the development of BIMCalc is a fact. This plug-in helps users of Autodesk’s Revit to make a quick cost price estimate and thereby allow all parties to see the financial feasibility of a Building Information Model (BIM).

Stronger through collaboration

There has already been a collaboration project between both companies before. They have equipped one of the largest builders of the Netherlands with risk models for real estate development projects with key figures from the field. Now they join forces. “The collaboration between IGG and Invantive is a good move. We complement each other to a greater whole in terms of knowledge on adjacent areas and at all levels the cooperation is very inspiring,” says Guido Leenders, director of Invantive.

Why BimCalc

Putting together building plans is done by different parties, each with their own expertise. In recent years a trend has occurred to reduce the failure costs through better collaboration. This is done by a Building Information Modeling (BIM); a joint integrated plan in which the information from all expertises is collected. The design package Revit AutoCAD helps with the entering of BIM. IGG wants to help users of Autodesk Revit to make a quick cost price estimate based on a Revit design. This estimate is made by a so-called plug-in added to Revit; BIMCalc… This requests full transparency reports of cost prices based on the key figures of IGG.

The same key figures are also used for the Construction Cost Compass and the website This way architects and designers have real-time insight into the financial feasibility of a design during the mass and sketching study. While all parties further refine the design together in Autodesk Revit, the financial feasibility can always be updated on the spot.

Launching BimCalc

The launch of BimCalc is scheduled for early next year. During the Build & ICT Exhibition in March 2012 the collaborating companies will demonstrate this plug-in live to the visitors of the exhibition.

About IGG

IGG is a specialist in the field of construction economic issues. IGG helps architects, builders and project developers with paper and digital solutions for composing the property plans. They offer Bouwkostenkompas, Bouwkostencheck, and the book Kengetallen, where the key figures for GWW and construction costs can be found in for years now

About Invantive

Invantive provides solutions for more control on business processes for real estate companies, financial institutions and project-based companies. The software of Invantive provides project driven companies worldwide higher returns on projects. How does Invantive do this? Thanks to years of industry knowledge with precise customized solutions, but also with cost-effective solutions based on its own standard products.