Service area for Invantive products

The Invantive products are only made available for use within specific countries. The availability of products is independent on the free or paid nature of the products. The list of service countries is updated when deemed necessary without prior notice.

The service area coverage is primarily based upon the following conditions:

  • working legal system,
  • working intellectual property system for claims from the EU,
  • working privacy protection system for data including legislation on hacking,
  • enforcability in general of agreements under Dutch law.

The inclusion of a country into the service area is primarily based by the country’s position on the Corruption Percentions Index of Transparency International and it’s inclusion in the United States U.S. Priority Watch List for IPR (Special 301 Report). The US variant was chosen since there is no specific EU report on IPR.

In cases where conditions and/or Dutch laws conflict, Invantive makes a risk-based decision whether to include a country. For instance, Switzerland and Greece have originally been excluded from the service area. Switzerland was excluded due to privacy laws conflicting with requirements from the 301 Report. Switzerland was later weighed as an acceptable service area. Greece was originally excluded due to widespread software counterfeiting, but was later added due to improved enforcement.

For CPI, 50 is used as a haircut, calculated as the average CPI plus twice the standard deviation.

For 301 Report, all countries listed on the property priority watch list or property watch list are excluded.

Errors outside Service Area

When an on-premise product such as Invantive Query Tool is used outside of a service area, an error may appear such as:

itgenscr242: Services are not provided on this location.

The websites of online products such as Invantive Cloud are typically blocked for access from non-covered areas.

Such blocks on using Invantive products may also occur when use is made from within the service area by non-regulated services such as anonymous VPN, dialup locations, TOR exits or blacklisted IP-address ranges.

Existing users can experience outages when traveling through non-serviced areas. In that case we suggest to use Invantive products through your company’s VPN. This is not a huge additional risk, since the applicable laws of the company’s country then apply regarding data security and IP.

Current Service Area

The following countries are currently part of the service area:

  • AD: Andorra
  • AI: Anguilla
  • AL: Albania
  • AQ: Antarctica
  • AT: Austria
  • AU: Australia
  • AW: Aruba
  • AX: Aland Islands
  • BA: Bosnia
  • BE: Belgium
  • BG: Bulgaria
  • BL: Saint Barthelemy
  • BQ: Bonaire
  • BV: Bouvet Island
  • CA: Canada
  • CC: Cocos Territory
  • CH: Switzerland
  • CK: Cook Islands
  • CW: Curacao
  • CY: Cyprus
  • CZ: Czechia
  • DE: Germany
  • DK: Denmark
  • ES: Spain
  • FI: Finland
  • FK: Falkland Islands
  • FO: Faroe Islands
  • FR: France
  • GB: Great Britain
  • GG: Guernsey
  • GI: Gibraltar
  • GL: Greenland
  • GR: Greece
  • GS: South Georgia
  • HM: Heard Island and McDonald Islands
  • HR: Croatia
  • IE: Ireland
  • IL: Israel
  • IM: Isle of Man
  • IO: British Indian Ocean Territory
  • IS: Iceland
  • IT: Italy
  • JE: Jersey
  • JP: Japan
  • KR: Republic Korea (South Korea)
  • KY: Cayman Islands
  • LI: Liechtenstein
  • LU: Luxembourg
  • LV: Latvia
  • MC: Monaco
  • MF: Saint Martin
  • MP: Northern Mariana Islands
  • MQ: Martinique
  • MT: Malta
  • NF: Norfolk Island
  • NL: Netherlands
  • NO: Norway
  • NU: Niue
  • NZ: New Zealand
  • OM: Oman
  • PL: Poland
  • PM: Saint Pierre
  • PR: Puerto Rico
  • PT: Portugal
  • RE: Reunion
  • RS: Serbia
  • SE: Sweden
  • SG: Singapore
  • SH: Saint Helena
  • SI: Slovenia
  • SJ: Svalbard
  • SK: Slovakia
  • SR: Suriname
  • SX: Sint Maarten
  • TC: Turks and Caicos
  • TK: Tokelau
  • TW: Taiwan (Republic of China)
  • UM: United States Minor Outlying Island
  • US: United States of America
  • VA: Holy See (Rome)
  • VG: Virgin Islands (GB)
  • VI: Virgin Islands (US)
  • VN: Vietnam
  • WF: Wallis and Futuna