Sold items per parent company of customers in Exact Online

A recent question was to retrieve item sales information from Exact Online in a specific date period, including the parent company of the customer being invoiced.
This can be formulated for Exact Online using Invantive SQL as:

select sie.invoicedate
,      sle.item
,      sle.itemcode
,      sle.itemdescription
,      sle.netprice
,      sle.quantity
,      sle.unitprice
,      wmij.code
,      moeder.code
from   salesinvoicelines sle
join   salesinvoices sie
on     sie.invoiceid = sle.invoiceid
join   accounts wmij
on = sie.invoiceto
join   accounts moeder
on = wmij.parent
where  wmij.parent is not null
and    sie.invoicedate > '2016-01-01'

Of course you can execute this query from any Invantive product that is bundled with the advanced SQL provider for Exact Online. This includes the upcoming Invantive Data Hub; a command-line driven tool to upload and download information across the cloud.