SQL query speed up on Simplicate

I would like to make SQL queries in based on Invantive database (Simplicate). In SQL edutir it is extremely slow for me. I have to wait 1 or 2 minutes to get the result, as this, it is very hard to make comlex queries, as every try needs time to wait. It has about 2000 records in the table.

Is there a way to solve this? Maybe to migrate the whole database to a SQL service, and do the queries from there (like SQL Server Management Studio). (No problem of outdated data, I just need to create SQL query in a more efficient way).

Does someone has an idea?

Invantive SQL by default runs in real-time mode, meaning that queries are executed when requested.

To reduce data volume: use limit in SQL.

To filter on the origin instead after downloading: use server-side filtering with where clauses (and on Simplicate: use text for dates with the operator). See How to filter data from OData query on Azure Data Factory? - 3 van forums and and Limit Data load from Simplicate on Invantive Cloud to Azure Data Factory - 6 van forums especially for the Simplicate dates.

To replicate: see for instance Elementary Data Replication Module between Exact Online and Azure SQL Server or use Invantive Data Replicator.

In general, it is recommended to contact the person that had the Invantive free introduction. This person can help you provide more context on the principles.

For further assistance, please explicitly state the query used as a good working example

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Thank you for the reply, it helps me a lot. I will review these documents.