Successful knowledge session 'More results through insight into my projects'

The knowledge session ‘More results through insight in my projects’ took place on Friday 8 April 2011 in the beach hotel of Putten, a place in the province of Gelderland in the Netherlands. The number of 46 visitors and the discussions indicate that this topic is high on the agenda in many organizations.

Five speakers approached the subject from different angles of approach. Daniël Wabeke and Pepijn Nijhuis of Ballast Nedam Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij explained how their organization keeps an integral control on the real estate development projects. They do so by using tools such as assignment provision, financial reports and the land bank. Even the layout of the ‘shared service center’ for real estate development projects on the basis of Invantive Estate was highlighted. Subsequently they showed their pricing model for property development projects based on Invantive Control and Microsoft Excel, based on a cost-benefit analysis and a nominal value calculation.

Subsequently Patrick Hofman of Invantive discussed how the technology of Invantive Producer and Invantive Control ensures that the products Invantive Estate and Invantive Vision will make it easier to gain an integral overview on your organization. Patrick Hoffman explained how from an idea or strategy the specifications are set up. These specifications are used by Invantive Producer to take a reliable and honest information system into production. An information system like that includes company objects in which both actual and all historical data can be retrieved in understandable terms. And with Invantive Control you can retrieve data out of Microsoft Excel. But Patrick Hofman also disclosed how you can edit data in a central data warehouse using Invantive Control. With it you can meet demands on the areas of transparency, controllability and traceability as is required by ISO-27002.

After the break Gerwin Vlijm explained what criteria they used to find a complete solution to streamline their company processes for their activities in the Netherlands and Afghanistan on the area of network and server administration. Vlijm Netwerkbeheer can do a lot more now, with less people and Gerwin now has a good idea of what the company does and what it yields. Not just the informing on a status of a working order towards the customer is now done automatically, but the concept invoice is automatically formatted for KING and in addition the hour registration can also be done out of Microsoft Outlook.

Subsequently Guido Leender provided his vision on the role of projects in the upcoming five years to achieve prosperity preservation. Then the attendees participated in a discussion on project driven working in the year 2015, directed by Onno Draaisma.

At the end of the session there was an enthusiastic extensive discussion. Based on the submitted evaluation forms it appears that a percentage of 85 of the attendees would like to attend the next session as well and that 85 percent would recommend a visit to a session to their relations.

Have you missed this morning session, but would you still like to have more information about the subject? Please contact me or come to our next session on 11 November 2011.