Teamleader Orbit API data model available online

The data model of the Teamleader Orbit API of Visma with all Autotask tables for use with Invantive SQL, Power BI, Excel and others is available online on SQL Driver for Teamleader Orbit API - Teamleader Orbit API Data Model.

The documentation presents a table per API method and endpoint. Using familiar SQL statements the deal status or contacts can be analyzed and reported upon through a simple SQL query.

The use of Visma Teamleader Orbit from with Invantive products, directly through SQL or Power BI Desktop, requires the Orbit-user and password.

The registration steps for the Power BI Orbit connector can be found on Connect Power BI to Teamleader Orbit.

The steps to load a database with Orbit data with Azure Data Factory are available on Teamleader Orbit Azure Data Factory connector, 180 days free.