Determine Autotask API user and password for Power BI connector and SQL

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All Autotask API’s are available with Power BI on Invantive Cloud and with Invantive SQL on Invantive Query Tool, Invantive Data Hub, Invantive Control for Excel, Invantive Composition for Word and Invantive Data Replicator.

The list of Autotask tables is available online:

The list of tables is also available in the Available Objects tab in both the Online SQL Editor as well as Invantive Query Tool:

Each table can be queried using SQL:

Similarly, besides with Power BI the connector can also be used to load data into a Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse or Azure Data Factory.

The registration of a database with Autotask requires a so-called “API user”. An API user is a special type of user, different from regular Autotask users. This topic describes the steps to register and/or find your API user:

Use the API user to log on to Autotask with Invantive SQL. The regular user name will not work.