Template upload journal entries invantive control other than memorandum

Are there also any other templates than the upload journal entries which has limited columns?

E.g. a template for accounts receivable and payable?

How easy can we create that one? I can imagine a lot of clients could benefit from this.

I assume the Upload Journal Entries/Sales Orders/Sales Invoices from Get My Report is meant?

Can you provide an example what a template for Accounts Receivables and Payables should create? Is it an Exact Online Sales Invoice, Sales Order or entry in General Ledger for a sales or purchase?

With the Excel add-in there is an option to upload entries into Exact Online with a formula as described in Upload Journal Entry Lines into Exact Online using the Excel Formula I_EOL_GLTXN_POST. It is typically used by firms running many companies and making intercompany entries.

With Invantive SQL directly there are many options to upload entries. Some samples:

For Get My Report it is only possible to do memorandum correct?

We are looking for sales and purchases;

We also checked the Invantive Control for Excel though it is also designed only for memorandum.

Thirdly than we would go for SQL, is there a manual for that?

Exact Online features a mixed ledger. Using transactions, you can upload completed sales invoices and purchase invoices as long as you considerate there sub-ledger nature. The same holds for the Invantive Control for Excel.

For SQL, you can consult samples like Create an Exact Online Sales Order with Details through REST Calls. Always be cautious because Exact Online has limited features to recover a corrupted company.

It’s not about the invoices, its about the sales entries and purchase entries. These have a different structure (standard for every accounting software).

The Exact Online Sales Entries and Purchase Entries can be uploaded using the respective tables. There is no plan for supporting it as standard functionality other than insert into as described in Create an Exact Online Sales Order with Details through REST Calls since the market demand is too little to warrant the investment.

So we can use it for sales and purchase entries. How does it work with the counteraccount than?

Memorandum should be debet/credit in balance. Sales and purchase have a fixed ‘counteraccount’.

Most companies do have sales and purchase, so regarding market I cannot confirm.

Functionality is as specified by Exact Online including offset account.

When creating such functionality is new it is recommended to acquire assistance by Invantive or one of it’s partners on basis of Time & Material.

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