What communicates easier with each other, software or experts?

My package can already do everything…

You can hear it often: ‘my system can already do everything’. It is often said by IT professionals and managers. Often to get out off that unpleasant acquisition phone call. Give them a reason to be wrong.
Unfortunately there are also people who say it for another reason. They expect that their software supplier knows all the aspects of their business. And knows at least as much of their industry, profession and work as themselves. Including all secondary processes and constraints. That is preferably not only true for the software itself, but there is also that perfectly nice consultant that can set it all up for them.

But just as there are no people who can do everything, there are also no software systems that can do everything. Just as you can not fit all the knowledge about a company in one head (except the head of the founder), you can not arrange all the information provision for a company with one business software application control.

Niche software can do everything

Okay, if you are working in a small niche market then it is advisable to purchase your company software at that specific provider that is so intimately familiar with your profession. Especially If that provider is created because a former colleague was so dissatisfied about the software that he decides to build it himself. The knowledge you get for free at such a supplier is indispensable. This knowledge the supplier offers to all its customers. Bike shop 1 works exactly the same as bike shop 2 because of that. Sometimes positive, sometimes negative.

If you do not work in that small niche market and your company combines business processes in a unique way, then it is advisable for the specialist processes in your company to also search for specialist software. After all, is your software supplier, who can perfectly automate your goods or HRM information, also capable of processing your commercial processes, project management or calculation models just as neatly? Or manage your accounting, process your salary administration or invent a new product or come up with an advertising campaign? Or will you rent an external expert for those last issues?

What communicates easier with each other, software or experts?

With specialized software, you can hire specialist expertise, for (sub)processes in your company who deserve a specialty. If only just for competitive reasons. And do not fear, with the current state of technique all systems are able to communicate with each other. This is in contrast to some experts that I hire.