What social media gurus can learn from Annemaria Appelman

What she just could not do the normal way, she was able to do through social media. And how! Annemarie Appelman did not just find her dream job, but at its peak her website attracted 300 unique visitors per day and she retained a big network from it. At the end of her search Annemarie was able to choose between different jobs.

Annemarie Appelman did what many brands and organizations are not quite able to do: she used social media effectively to reach her goal. How did she succeed in that? A few possible reasons that might teach companies something:

Start with a clear objective.

This is of course an open door, but I still feel the need to kick it open. Annemarie blogs: ‘The objective of this website is very simple, to get myself a job.’ It can not get any more clear. What do you want with your social media strategy? Is it that clear as well?

Be as open as necessary.

Annemarie is completely transparent about all the rejections she received during her search so far. There are no secrets. Is that unwise of her, should she not present herself in a more positive light? Do I need to remind you that Annemarie found her dream job? It is precisely by being open and sharing her negative experiences, she was able to tell her complete story. And it was the complete story, which was interesting. Annemarie did not want a top career in a tight suits company, she wanted an enjoyable job with a nice organization. The fact that she is so open about that fits just right.

Be personal.

Of course, if you are a person, like Annemarie, then that is easier to do than when you are a brand or a company. But even then you can have a personality. Make sure that you keep communicating in the style of that personality.

Take up the confrontation.

And mix up ‘real life’ with your virtual life. Everything Annemarie did in relation to her search, she put online. And on everything others wrote about her, she provided a personal reaction.

Exploit the possibilities

Social media are perfect to use for reaching your objective, as can be seen with Annemarie Appelman. They are perfect for using them in your own way.

And no, of course you can not copy Annemarie Appelman’s success to another organization just like that. Everybody has to do it in their own way. Annemarie was able to find her own way and successfully use it. That is how she found her dream job. Have you found your own way yet?

Originally published by Maud Geerbex under the title “What social media gurus can learn from Annemarie Appelman”. Thanks for allowing us to reproduce it.