Working schedule per employee (rooster) on Exact Online

We are looking for the working schedule per employee (NL: rooster). In Schedules it is mentioned how many days and hours employees are working. But we are missing the exact days a particular employee is working, the underlying schedule lines so to say (so which days the employee is working).
For example

  1. monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday (32hours)
  2. tuesday, wednesday, thursday (24 hours)

There is yet no table to retrieve the hours to work according to employment contract.

When needed, please vote here: Exact Online idea.

For actuals hours worked, you can use:

  • pjttimetransactions
  • leave registrations
  • absence registrations

The last two can be hard to use, so some samples.

Absence registrations

    select arn.causecode
    ,      arn.causedescription
    ,      art.startdate + coalesce((art.starttime - trunc(art.starttime)), 0) startdate
    ,      art.startdate + coalesce((art.endtime - trunc(art.endtime)), 0) enddate
    ,      art.hours
    ,      art.hoursfirstday
    ,      art.hourslastday 
    from   AbsenceRegistrationTransactions art
    join   AbsenceRegistrations arn
    on = art.absenceregistration
    by     startdate


Leave registrations

    select lrn.startdate + (lrn.starttime - trunc(lrn.starttime)) startdate
    ,      lrn.endtime
    ,      lrn.description
    ,      lrn.employeehid
    ,      lrn.hours
    ,      lrn.hoursfirstday
    ,      lrn.hourslastday 
    from   LeaveRegistrations lrn
    by     startdate


With the following tables from Exact Globe we are able to create the correct insight. Maybe it helps you to create it for Exact Online.

  • workschedulelinks
  • workschedulegroups
  • workschedules