5 do's for a corporate pressroom

A corporate pressroom on the internet will give you an advantage on the area of PR. When information about your company is easily accessible to journalists, then crossing that threshold to pay attention to your organization is a lot easier. And that might mean the difference between getting an article or not, but also between a short note and a longer in-depth piece.

But how do you set up a good pressroom?

Aim for news.

Ensure that the most recent press reports are the most visible in your pressroom, so that it is immediately clear what news there is concerning your company. Make sure your press releases are also available through a RSS feed.

Provide good background information.

About your company, but also about the director and other spokesmen. Do not turn it into a marketing speech, but provide factual information.

Provide as much information as possible about the playing field in which your company is located.

Do not just post customer cases, but also editorials about the market and provide links to objective market information. And if there are important topics that are currently relevant in your market? Make sure that there are ready-made sound bites available, so that it is clear that your company has a vision concerning those subjects.

Images are very important.

.Ensure that high-res pictures can be downloaded, preferably as many different ones as possible. Do not just think of product pictures, but also about impressions. And place pictures both with and without white background, so that the person responsible for the layout of the publication has the luxury of choice. Do you have videos or other material? Place those too.

Integrate your pressroom with social media.

Make sure your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages are directly accessible from your pressroom. You can also choose a spot to directly show your tweets. But do not forget the standard contact information of a spokesman.

With these suggestions you have a basic pressroom. Now all you need to do is promote it!
To start with you have to make sure it is properly accessible from the homepage of your organization. Make a heading ‘press’ or a separate button that catches the eye.

In addition, make sure that everybody that ever gets to speak with a journalist, knows about the existence of the corporate pressroom. Refer journalists to these pages yourself as well. If you mail a lot with the press, then include a link in your standard autograph. You want your pressroom to be easy to locate for a journalist, especially if he has an upcoming deadline.

Originally published by Maud Geerbex under the title “5 do’s for a corporate pressroom”. Thanks for allowing us to reproduce it.