Accurate hour registration with Invantive Vision

HARDERWIJK – An accurate registration of hours if of great importance when executing projects. Invantive Vision is project planning software in which worked hours can be registered accurately (even per minute) from Outlook.

Invantive Vision is a software solution that enables you to manage your business processes from each location. Businesses that work on a project basis can find all the functions they need to initiate, plan, manage and successfully complete projects in Invantive Vision. Functionality and flexibility are what make Invantive Vision the ideal software solution for your project planning, process management and project administration activities, both online and in Microsoft Outlook.

It was mainly lawyers and counseling agencies that requested to be able to register time in smaller units. This makes it possible to create more accurate invoices, but also to manage projects more accurately. Apart from that, the seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook offers the possibility to synchronize and share the employee planning and time registration in the calendar. For you this means you can control and manage process management activities from each location, so you have more grip on your projects. The user-friendly interface enables you to manage process management activities from each location, such as: project initiation, employee planning, task planning, document management and invoicing.

Invantive Vision offers a complete solution to manage your project planning and project administration processes online or with Microsoft Outlook.